Whether it be elective procedures such as spaying or neutering, or therapeutic procedures such as repairing broken bones or surgery to treat pathological problems, the The Pets Doc Veterinary Clinic is well prepared to serve your pet’s needs.

Our surgery suite is equipped with state-of-the-art anesthetic, surgical, and monitoring equipment to bring your pet safely through the needed procedure.

Dr. Watkins has over 2 decades of surgical experience.

Each pet presented for surgery undergoes a thorough physical examination to identify any pre-existing conditions. If required, blood is drawn for pre-anesthetic testing.

Once the animal is determined to be a good candidate for surgery, an individualized dose of pre-anesthetic medications are administered along with appropriate pain medications.

The pet is then administered a gas anesthetic agent which is carefully monitored and adjusted throughout the procedure to maintain patient safety. Certain circumstances may warrant the use of intravenous fluids during surgery.

During surgery, every pet is monitored for changes in heart function, oxygenation, and core temperature. Should any of these values vary outside of normal ranges, adjustments in anesthetic level or other parameters are immediately adjusted by the surgical technician.

Once the procedure is completed, our surgical technician carefully monitors the patient while it recovers from anesthesia. While most surgical patients can go home the same day of surgery, some require extended hospitalization until the doctor is satisfied that no complications will occur.

The Pets Doc Veterinary Clinic also offers laser surgery technology. For many procedures, this is an elective option which offers benefits to patient, client, and surgeon.  See our page on the surgical laser to learn more about this option. Some procedures, such as feline declaws, and surgery on eyes and in the mouth, will only be performed utilizing the surgical laser.

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