Dr. Kevin Watkins, DVM

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Watkins is a 1990 graduate of Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. He moved to Madison with his family in 1998 when he took ownership of the Pets Doc Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Watkins is well respected by his staff and clients, who know him to be compassionate, kind and funny, and a knowledgeable and skilled doctor and surgeon.

In addition to his veterinary practice, Dr. Watkins is also very involved in his community. As a great appreciator of live music and the arts, he has committed years of volunteer time to two of Madison’s very popular music festivals, he is a founding member of the Cultural Continuum of Madison, and partners with several friends as an owner of Red Bicycle Hall, a music and event venue. He has served as President of the 9th District of the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association and the Madison Area Chamber of Commerce.


Margo Sparrow Watkins

Practice Manager

Margo has worked in the veterinary industry since 1995. She manages the clinic’s advertising and business accounts. In addition to her function as the clinic’s business manager, Margo also counsels clients regarding normal puppy socialization practices and also offers behavior modification counseling for problematic pet behaviors.

In addition to her work at the Pets Doc Veterinary Clinic, she is a mother, grandmother, artist, and musician.


Kelly Brown

Assistant Practice Manager

Kelly joined the Pets Doc Veterinary Clinic in 2007 and served as our head receptionist until 2019 when she was promoted to Assistant Practice Manager. Kelly is well known and well-loved by our clients. She efficiently coordinates our morning surgery schedule and will greet you with a smile in the afternoon. Kelly has her own large family of four-legged, and she treats every one of our patients as if it were one of her own.


Gillian Watkins

Head Technician

Gillian has worked at the Pets Doc Veterinary Clinic in some capacity since she moved to Madison (as a toddler) with her mom and dad in 1998. She has walked dogs, cleaned kennels, and assisted her dad, Dr. Watkins, for almost her entire life. She graduated to Veterinary Technician several years ago and has become a valued member of our health care team. Gillian shares her home with her dog, Lilly, Leo (Leopard Gecko), and Astrid (Bearded Dragon).


Evvi Terpening


Born and raised in Madison, Indiana, Evvi started working at the Pets Doc in early 2019. Before working with us, she volunteered at the Jefferson County Animal Shelter and wishes to become a licensed veterinary technician in the future. She currently assists our Veterinary Technicians and Dr. Watkins with surgeries, appointments, and day to day care of our patients. Evvi is bright and willing to jump in with whatever task she is given or needs to be done. You’ll see her in the exam rooms assisting Dr. Watkins.


Jeri Johnson

Patient Care Coordinator and Receptionist

Jeri joined us as a Receptionist in 2019 and we are so lucky to have her! She coordinates our morning surgical schedule and afternoon appointments. Jeri is calm, kind and a wonderful addition to our pet care team!


Andrea Chatham

Kennel Manager and Veterinary Assistant

Andrea joined our pet care team in 2019 as our kennel manager. Andrea now serves our pet care team as a full-time Veterinary Assistant. She always has a happy smile, she is helpful, very diligent, and enthusiastic about her work.


Gretchen Andreasen

Part-time Veterinary Assistant and Full-time college student

Gretchen has been coming to the Pets Doc Veterinary Clinic with her pets since she was a little girl. She expressed an interest in learning about veterinary medicine as a young teenager and asked Dr. Watkins if she could volunteer after school, which she did until she graduated from high school. Now, Gretchen is off to college but she still comes and works for us when she is on break from her studies at Notre Dame University.


Anya Fellenz

Veterinary Tech Assistant

Anya joined our team in 2020. She has a big, compassionate heart, and a special interest in wildlife rehabilitation. Anya has a Bachelors’s Degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.


Kassie Allen


Kassie joined our team in 2020 as a Receptionist. She has a bright and bubbly personality and is always happy to assist you with your pet care needs.



Olivia Hickerson

Kennel Manager/Veterinary Assistant

Olivia is our newest team member. Olivia is our Kennel Manager and doubles as a veterinary assistant.



Danielle Newton

Veterinary Assistant

Danielle joined our team in 2021. She is our newest Veterinary Assistant.



Paul Newman & Dog

Paul Newman and Dog are the clinic kitties who have been with us since 2008. They serve as the clinic ambassadors and lobby greeters. They will be happy to assist you with weighing your pet, sitting on your lap, or generally being in the way. They welcome snuggles and putting your pets at ease when they are nervous about check-ups. You will recognize Paul Newman by his signature blue eyes.



Stormi was brought to us as a stray mama kitty in early 2020. She needed a permanent home … she found one. We named her Stormi because she was the color of a storm cloud Ironically … she does not like stormy weather.