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Walking the dog – Train your pet to walk, not pull you

Hooray for Spring! It’s dog walking season again. I tend to want to hibernate in the winter rather than hit the streets, so my dog, Danny Boy, isn’t the only one out of shape. Danny Boy LOVES to go on […]

The Puppy Diaries Part 1 – With Our New Puppy, It’s Time To Practice What We Preach

For five years now, I have been advising folks on what to do about their canine behavior challenges, but more importantly, how to raise a well-behaved puppy instead. Each dog always presents unique personality challenges, but puppies are, by and […]

Special Needs Puppies

Since Spring is in the air, and animal shelters across the country are filling up, including ours, this month I want to talk about the “forgotten ones”, a/k/a “pound puppies”. I recently spent some time at the Jefferson County Animal […]

Selecting Dog Toys – Make Sure They Don’t Look Like Shoes!

Q: What are the best and safest dog toys? A: With Christmas right around the corner, this is a timely question. The best toy for your dog really depends on his or her breed, personality, energy level, and age. Hunting […]

Making A ‘Good Doggie’ – Start Early To Socialize Your Puppy

Q: When is the best time to socialize my puppy? A: This is a good question since Spring (a.k.a. puppy season) has arrived again. When your puppy is 3- to 12-weeks-old, he will be learning the rules of fair play, […]

Great Crate Debate – Crate Training Is Not Animal Cruelty

I received a call recently from someone whose 4-month-old puppy was having trouble adapting to a crate. Whenever the pup was placed in its crate, it would howl, chew at the metal door, salivate heavily and would sometimes pee. All […]

Getting Puppy To Do His ‘Business’

Q: What is your opinion on using “pee” pads to help potty train my puppy? A: I have two opinions on pee pads actually. The short answer is, as a general rule, I don’t find them to be all that […]

Five Months Old And Counting – Training Puppy A Process That Takes Time

If you have been following this article for the past few months, you know all about the Watkins family’s new puppy, Jovie. You’ll be surprised to learn that Jovie is already 5 1/2 months old! Hard to believe, I know. […]

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