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Treat Fido As A Member Of The Family

Adopting a new pet can be a wonderful experience for a family. It’s an opportunity for us to demonstrate compassion and responsibility toward another sentient creature and to teach our children these same values. But first, parents should ask themselves, […]

Litter Box Lessons – Too Many Cats Can Create ‘Hazards’

Q: I just adopted a new kitten and already had five cats. Now one of my cats is using the bathroom outside the litter box and I can’t figure out which one. What do I do? A: Inappropriate elimination is […]

Kittens, Kittens Everywhere!!! – Life is purfect in our ‘no-dog world’

Every cloud has a silver lining and, as with any storm, the sad events our family went through this summer are past. For the past few months, our newest family members – Cat’n Jack, Blossom and Wally – have entertained […]

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