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Walking the dog – Train your pet to walk, not pull you

Hooray for Spring! It’s dog walking season again. I tend to want to hibernate in the winter rather than hit the streets, so my dog, Danny Boy, isn’t the only one out of shape. Danny Boy LOVES to go on […]

Through The Eyes Of Your Dog

Owners who want to better understand their canine companions must recognize that dogs see the world from a different visual perspective. The differences begin with the structure of the eye. We have a good idea what dogs see because we […]

The Power Of “Poop”

I’m not into reality TV. But, like driving past a bad car wreck, sometimes you can’t help yourself and you look. Last night, Kevin and I were channel surfing and stopped briefly on a reality TV show that was about […]

The Home Again Pet Recovery System

Imagine this happening to you: Your pet has managed to escape from your yard. By the time you notice, several hours have passed. What are your chances of ever seeing your dog or cat again? This scene is repeated numerous […]

Taking Charge – Fighting Dogs Require A Firm Hand

Q: My two dogs, who have been housemates for several years, have suddenly begun to have terrible fights. I’m afraid one of them is really going to get hurt. What should I do? A: When dogs in the same household […]

Special Needs Puppies

Since Spring is in the air, and animal shelters across the country are filling up, including ours, this month I want to talk about the “forgotten ones”, a/k/a “pound puppies”. I recently spent some time at the Jefferson County Animal […]

Selecting Dog Toys – Make Sure They Don’t Look Like Shoes!

Q: What are the best and safest dog toys? A: With Christmas right around the corner, this is a timely question. The best toy for your dog really depends on his or her breed, personality, energy level, and age. Hunting […]


This month, I have chosen a topic that is not only about canine behavior, but also about human behavior, and unfortunately, it represents the darker side of both. I’ve been reading a lot in the media lately about “breed profiling”, […]

Picky Pets Dogs – That Are ‘Picky Eaters’ Were Trained To Be So By Their Owners

Q: My dog is such a picky eater and all she will eat anymore is hot dogs or cat food. I’ll need to board her soon and I’m concerned that she won’t eat when she’s away from me, so what […]

Lessons of ‘Jovie’ – Instinctual action banishes dog to farm

I began the study of animal behavior in 1999. My husband and I were attending a veterinary conference, and I had the good fortunate to attend a week-long series of lectures by Dr. Rolan Tripp. Tripp has been a veterinarian […]

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