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Tiger By The Tail – Use Care In Handling A Stray Cat

A couple of weeks ago, a badly injured, bloodied man walked into our animal hospital holding a cat inside a coat. This poor gentleman had multiple lacerations to his face, chest, stomach and arms, bite marks on his BACK and […]

The Home Again Pet Recovery System

Imagine this happening to you: Your pet has managed to escape from your yard. By the time you notice, several hours have passed. What are your chances of ever seeing your dog or cat again? This scene is repeated numerous […]

Litter Box Lessons – Too Many Cats Can Create ‘Hazards’

Q: I just adopted a new kitten and already had five cats. Now one of my cats is using the bathroom outside the litter box and I can’t figure out which one. What do I do? A: Inappropriate elimination is […]

Kittens, Kittens Everywhere!!! – Life is purfect in our ‘no-dog world’

Every cloud has a silver lining and, as with any storm, the sad events our family went through this summer are past. For the past few months, our newest family members – Cat’n Jack, Blossom and Wally – have entertained […]

Human – Animal bond – Close ties to our pet can help improve life

We recently adopted the newest member of the Watkins clan, a baby Siamese kitten, which has been bestowed the name, Scottie Blue. Scottie was barely 5 weeks old when he was taken from his feline mama and deposited at the […]

Catty Behavior – Getting Your Cats To Socialize Can Be A Challenge

I’d like to share a problem I was experiencing among my own cats recently, and my resolution. Cats are not pack animals, but they do colonize, or live in a common area, so conflict in multiple cat households can become […]

Cat Speak – Exploring The Tale Of The Tail

I know I often write about dogs, but I really love cats, too. I have always had cats in my life, and we currently share our lives with six: Flash, Esmie, Kit, Fiona, Stretch, and Salem, who lives at the […]

Caring For Cats – Indoor vs. Outdoor

Q: My male kitten is 8 months old. We got him neutered thinking that would take away his urge to go outside. But every time we open the door, he makes a dash for it. Should I let him go […]

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