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Catty Behavior – Getting Your Cats To Socialize Can Be A Challenge

I’d like to share a problem I was experiencing among my own cats recently, and my resolution. Cats are not pack animals, but they do colonize, or live in a common area, so conflict in multiple cat households can become […]

Canine Behavior – Getting Your Dogs To Get Along

Q : For several years, we had three dogs. Since the death of our oldest dog last year, one of the remaining dogs has become extremely aggressive toward his housemate, even drawing blood on occasion. We had the aggressor neutered, […]

Aggressive Puppies – Watch For Signs Of Bad Behavior

Last year, a client came into our animal hospital with his newly adopted puppy to have it vaccinated. During that initial visit, the puppy was weighed, examined from nose to tail, and vaccinated. Sounds simple, right? Ordinarily, it is. Most […]

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