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Tiger By The Tail – Use Care In Handling A Stray Cat

A couple of weeks ago, a badly injured, bloodied man walked into our animal hospital holding a cat inside a coat. This poor gentleman had multiple lacerations to his face, chest, stomach and arms, bite marks on his BACK and […]

The Puppy Diaries Part 2 – Introducing New Pets To The Household

In case you didn’t tune in last month, the Watkins family has a new puppy. We’ve spent the last six weeks with our newest family member teaching him the rules of the house and, of course, falling in love. Jovie […]

The Power Of “Poop”

I’m not into reality TV. But, like driving past a bad car wreck, sometimes you can’t help yourself and you look. Last night, Kevin and I were channel surfing and stopped briefly on a reality TV show that was about […]

Taking Charge – Fighting Dogs Require A Firm Hand

Q: My two dogs, who have been housemates for several years, have suddenly begun to have terrible fights. I’m afraid one of them is really going to get hurt. What should I do? A: When dogs in the same household […]

Special Needs Puppies

Since Spring is in the air, and animal shelters across the country are filling up, including ours, this month I want to talk about the “forgotten ones”, a/k/a “pound puppies”. I recently spent some time at the Jefferson County Animal […]

Picky Pets Dogs – That Are ‘Picky Eaters’ Were Trained To Be So By Their Owners

Q: My dog is such a picky eater and all she will eat anymore is hot dogs or cat food. I’ll need to board her soon and I’m concerned that she won’t eat when she’s away from me, so what […]

Many Factors Can Cause Puppy Stress

Q : My work schedule changed recently and my otherwise wonderful puppy started chewing up everything in my house, even when I’m home. Why has he reverted to this behavior, and what do I do about it? A: In answer […]

Lessons of ‘Jovie’ – Instinctual action banishes dog to farm

I began the study of animal behavior in 1999. My husband and I were attending a veterinary conference, and I had the good fortunate to attend a week-long series of lectures by Dr. Rolan Tripp. Tripp has been a veterinarian […]

Keeping Fido Warm – Train Your Dog To Live Indoors

It’s January again, folks. Will everyone just say “Brrrrrrr” with me? Winter time in southern Indiana can get pretty darned cold, and in my opinion, stays far too long. We live in an old house, so inevitably, winter creeps in […]

Five Months Old And Counting – Training Puppy A Process That Takes Time

If you have been following this article for the past few months, you know all about the Watkins family’s new puppy, Jovie. You’ll be surprised to learn that Jovie is already 5 1/2 months old! Hard to believe, I know. […]

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